The new soundcloud is a mess!

On 29. June 2013 by Munch

Hello guys,
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Since the launch of the ‘new’ Soundcloud, I’ve really been thinking, “why would anyone ever release this shit”. I mean, Soundcloud is a pretty big community to share sounds these days. They pimped the design and made it all sleek new-school. But the features are horrible!
Here’s some of my thoughts about the ‘new’ Soundcloud!

Search engine:

grey The new soundcloud is a mess!

If you search for a artist, remix or something. You’re only allowed to choose from a range of suggested tags, such as House, Pop, Cover etc. Why on earth, can’t we choose our own? Why do I have to “hack” this shit by changing the url, where it chooses this genre, to the one I would like to search within?

Next, I can’t filter my results for “most played”, which would give a pretty nice idea of which songs had been shared the most or least! My first choise of filtering wouldn’t be what length the track had! I mean, isn’t this supposed to promote or share your music/sounds as a producer or what ever you would call yourself? So basicly this community is for people who promote their own sounds or somehow listens to the stuff in here. Why not make the search engine worth using? If it’s not easy for your (Soundcloud) clients, why would you expect people to use this platform?

Explore feature:

I like the idea of a feature where you explore new sounds. I can easily select what genre to hear, from a bunch of upper level genres. I cannot go deep into various sub-genres, which in my case, would be the most exciting ones. I know you can choose a few sub-genres, but it’s only the ones that is the most common ones. Give us the chance to select or search within a genre here!

Secondly, where is the most popular, or newly added explore feature? It happened to be there in the old version. This was one of the most exciting features of Soundcloud, since you could get to hear brand new tracks that had just been released, or was undergoing a hype. In this case, this is a really great feature that most blogs would appreciate. I mean, we, the blogs, are here to promote stuff. But if we have to promote new sounds, we got to find it somewhere. Now you lead us to other blogs, and by no chance the opportunity to be first-movers!

I really do like Soundcloud, and I use it every day and all the time. I even paid for a subscription, even though I don’t really upload that much. Only to support and show my appreciation. This was cancelled when the new design and features came out.

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