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So we reached 175 likes on Facebook! Thank you all for sharing and caring! Here’s a little reward. It’s an exclusive Jmunch.com megamix from Jaboja!

Here’s your chance to get to know Jaboja a little more, with this interview! Enjoy 30 minutes of great music. Oh, and yeah. You can download this gem to your iDevice!

Exclusive Mix For Jmunch by Jaboja


Hello! And thank you for the exclusive mix! Could you in a few words tell us about yourself?

I’m an upcoming DJ from Odense, Denmark, just turned 19. been DJing for fun for 3 years now, for the past year I have been playing live. Been told by both audience and equipment that I am very active when I DJ (several stages collapsed under my sets due to me going nuts)


I heard you played at Distortion this year. With around 15.000 people showing up. How big an impact was this to you?

It was the best experience I have ever had, it was unbelieveable that I actually got a chance to play the music I love, to such a big crowd, and the fact that the crowd loved it made it even better. That is also what impacted me the most because, to be honest, Iwas sooo nervous to play that set because I thought my music was too strange and ”hard” for a big crowd to enjoy, but as I got started the crowd started reacting and after 1 hour there were mosh pits and with flamethrowers, crowdsurfing and all that crazy shit that I so far only had seen on YouTube with my idols and never dreamed I would see from a stage! basicly i was happy that the Klashy crew gave me the chance to play at their stage!


I’m very glad that you took your time to do a exclusive mix for Jmunch.com. Did you have anything special in mind, when doing this mix?

Whenever I do a mix my primary thought is to include music what I think is really banging these days and that I enjoy listening to. Generally I am not a big fan of mainstream music but I love mashup culture, which I also do alot of for my set as I try to make them as personal as posible. As for this mix, i primary wanted to present a image of how my live sets are the places i play


How do you see yourself music-wise in, let’s say 10 years?

Gig wise the big dream for me is to play at Tomorrowland, Sensation White or any of those REAL big stuff, I just love the way people enjoy the music at such gatherings just like Distortion! I also hope that my technique in the studio has improved alot compared to now as I only do mashups right now, but would really love to be able to produce some big bangers and oh boy I got ideas for those, but like most, I am lacking the ability to put it down on paper


Thank you for your time and effort, do you have any last words?

Hope you enjoy the mix as much as I do, and try to jump just half the amount I did. And please don’t be shy to tell someone they are doing an awesome job, it is the best feeling ever when a stranger comes up and say “Damn, you’re good!!!!”

Jaboja Out

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